How it happened

                  l Moore's heart lives squarely in the south, although he hasn’t always been able to rest there. Born and raised in Nashville, he spent many formative years in Southern California, yearning for the space and truth of his birthplace whilst being surrounded by the deceptively welcoming geography that houses the wide-eyed participants of Los Angeles music culture. After five years playing bass for a stalwart group in such a scene, Al was certain he’d become a full-on robot. He hadn’t been able to connect with himself, or elaborate upon the tastes from the soil of which he came through the tumult, and his spirit was beginning to wilt as a result. Having left the band by early 2018, the decision was finally made to follow his instincts, and return to the person he’d lost in the void. Cowgirls, his latest project, was born.


Cowgirls is more than a noun; it's an attitude. It is the choice to exist on the far outskirts of self-comprise; it is the utter annihilation of the chauvinistic trope of emotional untouchability; it is the revolt against the monotony and predictability of what is vacantly accepted as knowing the role we’re forced to play. Lovingly named for the particular brand of spirit that never fails to get back up after being thrown from one’s horse, the idea is to hurt loudly, talk back, and hit the ground running. It’s a necessary symbol of worship, the spirit of the Cowgirl, and Al only wants his listeners to take notes on their porcelain-and-grit way of existence.


Faced with the freeing yet paralyzing task of composing songs alone for the first time, Al spent a a small spell throwing his ideas against a wall, uncovering his identity without any outside influences. Equal parts country, pop, and goth-punk — a summation of his past lives — the latest Cowgirls tunes represent what is both terrifying and thrilling about rebirth. A collection of dark, hopeful, catchy, angry, untamed and progressive songs that each tell a small piece of the story, with our unlikely hero finally taking center stage to soundtrack the stubborn faith in our ghosts, and the grim recounting of our ugliest tales.


Cowgirls is a direct line to the guts of its listeners, demanding nothing but authenticity in its purest form. It is the epitome of creating meaning from the wreckage, and now that the fire subsides and the storm has either settled or is just beginning, Al and his rotating cast of collaborators are ready to boot up, unlock the stables, and release the first creations that have amassed from the destruction. The inaugural ditties (slated to ride in early June 2019) are love/hate letters to his life thus far, collectively titled “The Dualities of Anxiety.” Included will be the songs “Loose Story” and “Bad News, I’m Afraid,” contrasting halves to the same sentiment of moving forward and never forgiving, aimed at advising us on how to saddle up for the rough road ahead, because nothing comes easy, and darkness waits in the wings to buck those who slip its grip. This is an invitation to helm the reins. Welcome to the Rodeo. 


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